Checking to see if there is any interest. Asking for $22000.

Red 98 Camaro SS with the following MAJOR mods:

Forged 383 with:

-Arias forged pistons
-Eagle forged crank
-Eagle H-beam rods
-AFR 205 heads (64cc)
-Comp 224 on a 114 LSA
-Fast 90 with TPIS 90mm TB
-TTS Long Tube headers w/ catted y-pipe
-GMMG catback
-Textralia OZ700 clutch (z-grip) with steel billet flywheel

Custom PNEUMATIC nitrous kit with:

-10 lb bottle mounted in spare tire area
-remote opener
-MSD window switch

Car currently has just over 46000 miles on it, around 7000 miles on the motor. Motor was built with nitrous in mind however it has only been sprayed 3 times since the rebuild, all on the dyno. Motor was built by Kushan of Excelsior Motorsports in San Diego, CA.

Paint is in excellent condition, Zaino used since I bought it in 2002.

N/A #s: 406 rwhp, 417 rwtq
N2O #s: 579 rwhp, 654 rwtq

Once again, just the major modifications have been listed above. Obviously, there are other modifications that have been left out. Some pictures below. I have a few more if interested.