1997 Toyota Avalon XL
88,000 miles
Leather interior
Power sunroof
AM/FM/Cassette (my CD player died recently - I blame my wife)
V6 motor that is very strong and runs great - no leaks.
Power locks, windows, seats.
Automatic transmission
Alloy wheels
Remote start
Factory alarm

It was my grandmother's car for its first 52k miles. Never broke 50mph until I got it! It has some slight dings. She bumped the garage door frame a couple of times with the passenger door, but it's nothing that you see unless you're looking down the car trying to see damage. Not like she rode the car down the wall. Just bumped it slightly and then backed off it.

The car currently has a check engine light on. I took it to Andy Glockner Toyota to have it checked. I have their paperwork showing that it's the clutch slip sensor that tested bad. Not the clutch. Just the sensor. I'll fix it as soon as I get some free time.

Asking $7800 obo or trade toward a low mileage LS1 car.
Located in northern Kentucky.

The car is white. It's a great car and it's the nicest car that Toyota makes until you go up to the Lexus line. If you've never driven an Avalon, they're very comfortable and roomy. I just want to get me an LS1 car before I end up having kids and owning a mini van or a Durango. LOL! I was gonna keep the Avalon and buy a cheaper LS1 car, but now I think I'll get rid of it or trade it in toward a good LS1 car so I can get a better car than if I'd paid my cash alone.

The engine is very good and the car is a powerful car. My wife loves driving it instead of her Accord 'cause she can get around better when she drives to work in Ashland or on 64 in Barboursville.

According to NADA:
Low Retail: $6,650
Average Retail: $8,000
High Retail: $9,025