Gas prices are really getting the best of me especially considering this is my daily driver of well over 100 miles 5 days a week. I need to sell this truck and as bad as i hate to say a small car I need something that gets 35+mpg so i need to sell the yota. Truck is in really good shape in and out but it is a 16 yr. old truck. Has a 3" tear on driver side from getting in and out , no cig. burns or other tears anywhere. Drives great on the highway and runs like a champ. New alternator, radiator, plugs, timing chain, shocks and cant think of anything else but id seriously drive this thing anywhere. Doesnt leak anything and air blows ice cold. Two things i need to mention: # 1 the speedo doesnt work and hasnt worked since i bought it almost a year ago so it prob. has 16x,xxx actual miles and at least that many more miles left in it. # 2 not a big deal either but has an exhaust leak ( real common on stock manifolds im told) and i can seal it with Permatex and holds for about 10 days but there is a stud missing off the end of the stock manifold causing the leak. Its not major , just annoying. Other than that its a real solid truck, no rust anywhere and besides the last 2 things, everything works as it should. My email is - cell # 843-230-5207. Thanks, CHRIS