I"m selling my 1980 Berlinetta.

305 engine, 4bbl carb.

Th350 Auto transmission.

Car is blue.

Basicly I bought it to restor what small things needed it, and put a cadillac 500 in it.

Unfortunatly with my schedual I can't really do what I wanted. I go to college, and work 2 different jobs. So it pretty much takes up ALL my time. So she has to go.

What I'm looking to get is 2,500. That is 500 less than I paid.

Down to the nitty gritty.

It has two spots of rust. Very small considering it's age, probably due to the undercoating. One is in the lower rear QP on the passenger side. It's about 2" square. There is also another small hole of the same size in the driver side toe pan. These can easily have a piece of sheet metal sitched up and be ready to go.

There is some surface oxidation on the doors, not a whole lot, just on the center. This can easily be sanded out and primered.

Umm. The interior has a crack in the dash and console lid.

And the Exterior drivers side handle is broken in half. That can be replaced for about 12 bucks from Classic.

The engine runs, and the transmission shifts well. Neither leak.

If your interested drop me a line. My email is dylangordon@hotmail.com

Email me and I'll give you my phone number and some pictures.

Thanks. Oh, and I'm in central Illinois. Shipping I can get done for about 350 if you need be, we can go half on it. I can drive reasonable distances with a trailer.

Thanks guys.