I don't have the time/interest to finish this so I'm going to sell it as is.

The car is a 78 Trans Am with the Trans Am ground effect removed. Has 126K miles on it. The last owner had it painted Orange (originally Red). The paint isn't very good, but looks fine from 15 feet. The body is pretty solid there is a good size spot where it's rusting on the driver side rear. The drivers side floor should be replaced, it's got a small hole in it and this is a none problem area on these cars. The rear floor pan, passenger floor pan and trunk are solid (though the trunk will need a new gasket). The car is on Pontiac rims painted flat black, I have a set of snow flakes that could use some cleaning up.
The car is on air shocks and has a 200r4 from a 86 Grand National bolted in (BRF) with the stock converter (should work well with the cam in the engine now). Has a 400 engine from a 76 Grandville with 6x heads and summit headers. I installed a summit 801 cam and lifter kit with lots of assembly lube. Also have a freshly rebuilt 800 CFM quadrajet bolted on a Edebrock Dual plane intake manifold. I also installed a Console megashifter. and set it up for a 4sp, just replace a pin to set it up for 3 sp. I never even broke the cam in. I had some trouble getting the car to turn over quick enough even though it is easy to turn over by hand. After bolting up the transmission, I realized I had forgotten a ground strap, probably the reason for the slow cranking. I just can't get the motivation to get out and replace the starter and try again. My laziness is your gain.

The car comes with a ton of extra parts:
Extra 400 Short block
Stock 4bbl intake
Holley Vacuum Secondary 600 CFM Carb
Original BOP TH350 with mild shift kit and stock stall
Spare bop th350 (good for a core)
Original 3 speed shifter
A T5 tranny I acquired some how for some reason
And prolly more things I'd have to walk out to the garage to see.

I'm asking 2000 OBO. For an extra $150, I'll deliver it 300 miles, any thing further will have to be negotiated I'd like this to go before winter so I can park the firebird in there.

Here's a few pics:

Here's a picture of one of the snowflakes cleaned up

I've got a lot more pictures if you'd like to see them.