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Matthew Anderson

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Vero Beach

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Wife is spooked since a close member of the family just wrecked their bike. She's giving me sh-t about selling mine now. Figured I'd post it up to see what kind of trades I could get. I know no one has cash, so trading is about the only way to move things these days.

Bike is a 2008 Suzuki M109r2, 1500 miles. This is the new version with the short headlight. This is arguably the fastest production cruiser made. Bike is a monster. Runs perfect. All stock. Debadged, and drilled exhaust.

If I were to sell it I would ask $9800. I'm trying to get a reliable, fun DD/weekend vehicle. I'm open to whatever, just needs to be the same value.

If the deal is good enough I have full gear I can throw in as well. Over $1k spent on it. 3 jackets, 3 helmets, 2 sets of gloves, and riding boots