hey guys found something else i am interested in so my z has to go. i have a 02 z sunburst orange. 6spd. i am the 2nd owner i am good friends with the original owner that ordered new just perfect. it is a hard top light weight car with no options except for air and leather. leather was just for appearance so someone walking by would think it is a normal car. car runs and drives great i just took it to detroit and back had a couple races on the way and still had a avg of 24.5mpg doing 80 when not racing. car is not beat on but i will race when provoked. i have had it to the track but i am not the best 6spd driver at the track and could only get a 13.0 @ 115 on street tires with a 2.0 60ft. my buddy i got the car went 12.6 @ 113 before the cam. only mods done to the car are a cam by cartek "garwood nj", k&n with lid and a 4" catback from mufflex "stock manifolds and cat/ypipe". the car made 325 rwhp with k&n and catback and 355 to the wheels after the cam not with a full tune. the car has 86k on it right now but i do take it to shows at least once a week. i replaced the trans with a used 35k 01ss trans and when i got it in the 2nd gear would not work if you put it in 2nd it stays in but is just the same as being in neutral, it does not effect the way it drivers. i did just get back from detroit driving like this and around town and it is still fine to drive just no 2nd. it was a daily driver by my buddy so there is normal scratches in the paint nothing really bad but i wanted to note it. also plastic in the back seat area has normal wear and tear. back bumper has a crack from a tree branch that got ran over, front of the inside of the cra is great except fopr the steering wheel has wear and ash tray flips up some times. i have tried to describe the car the best i could but may have missed some minor details but just know up front this is not a show car trailer queen this is a driver that is very nice.

forgot to mention that it has a lot of suspension work done it handles better then any car i have ever had "and i have had 5fbodies and 3 firehawks" suspension is awesome, lowered, shocks, sway bars, bars down the side of the car, just lots of stuff.

pics here

and more here

i think they start on page 3


WHEELS AND SEATS NOT INCLUDED. i will include the stock front seats in good shape and stock wheels with newer front tires and bfg drag tires on the rear with 50% or less life.

I will include the corbeau seats for a extra 1000. i have 2200 into them they are custom leather covered and stitched with orange stitched edges.

the fiske are not for sale.

located in nj 08060 will travel small distances for a quick sale.

best way to get a hold of me is to email raistlin103@gmail.com for a phone number or for ?S