I ordered this car in 2001 and received it in late 2001. It is in excellent shape. If you don't want T-tops like me because of the leaks and rattles, this is the only hardtop SS I have ever personally seen. I realize there are plenty of them around. I have just never seen one and the SS's I have seen were T-top cars. The car has 70,000 miles. I have been the only driver, and most of the miles were easy, cruise-control miles on the highway. The car has never seen a dragstrip or road course. It is completely stock except an SLP loudmouth, LS1 motorsports lid, and a Pro 5.0 shifter with Lou's short stick. It has black leather, and the tires are Nitto 555s in the stock size. Email me with more questions or for pics. I am asking $14,000 for the car. The car is currently in Augusta, GA. Thanks, PL