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possible exhaust leak...

This is a discussion on possible exhaust leak... within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; please don't tell me I blew a head gasket (even though I'm running a Fle*Pro head gasket) or blew a ...

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    please don't tell me I blew a head gasket (even though I'm running a Fle*Pro head gasket) or blew a piston ring.... I'll cry!

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    possible exhaust leak...

    Alright, so I'm driving into work this morning, when all of a sudden as I'm driving I start hearing a loud ticking noise. It sounds like it's coming from the engine compartment rather than underneath the car. Plus, the ticking sped up as my engine speed increased. So, I pull into the parking lot and pop the hood. It's a VERY loud ticking noise that seems more on the left bank (passanger side). I put my hand down by the headers where it meets the heads and couldn't really feel any puff of air, but i couldn't get my hand in there cuz they're too dang hot. Seems like the car lost a slight bit of power, and perhaps a few degrees of vacuum pressure (i have an intake vacuum gauge mounted on my A-pillar) No real driving issues... no SES light... just a loud ASS ticking noise. Does this sound like a blown header gasket? Just wanted to get some thoughts before I head home tonight where I can look at it.

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    Valvetrain noise perhaps?

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    actually it did turn out to be a blown exhaust header gasket. I pulled the header off and a large section of gasket at the #8 port was missing. I'm in the process of bolting it back together... should finish tonight. Damn, those header bolts are difficult to get at!!! Will post up tomorrow and tell you for sure if that was it after I start it...

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