Hey guys and gals. I am posting this for a friend with a 93 Z28 M6. It is stock with over 200k miles on it. He is a great mechanic although not formaly trained as such. Here's the deal: The motor is stock like I said, the only upgrades are headers, SLP loudmouth catback system(couldn't have named it better myself) OMG! is it loud, cold air intake and a DELTEQ coil pack system. He said when he got it it had a miss and the DELTEQ was more reliable and easier to install than a new optispark. So here is the strange part. Recently he was driving and the cars engine just quit! He has to turn the key back to the lock position and restart it. It always restarts but after a few seconds of cranking. A guy I know who has 20 years dealing with f-bodys says the ignition needs changing. He said to swap bcm, column and ignition out of the same car. He says that is easier than routing wires back up through the column and taking it apart. Anyway, he thinks the control module for the DELTEQ is going. Anyone have these ignition setups? What are your thoughts?