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WSQ Hood

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    WSQ Hood

    Howdy LS1 Folks,

    First off, thanks to the administrators of this site, I've been a phantom forum snooper for several years now.
    I registered just to tell my story of a purchase from VFN fiberglass. I've seen by looking around I'm not the only person to have dealt with this.

    So I ordered a WSQ hood for my trans am. Eagerly waited for it for two months. I had it shipped to a friends as I am in the military I had no idea if I would be around when it arrived.
    It showed up yesterday while I was at work, I went to my friends, had a look. I did instruct him that if the package was damaged to refuse it. That package was mint so he accepted it. Took the package home, opened it up to find nothing of what I expected inside. The finish was horrible, indents all around the ram air, the mesh on the ram air is separated up to a half inch in some areas and completely flush in other areas. I had a crack on the one corner, luckily I can have it repaired for 150 bucks. It need a serious fine sanding in tight to reach places, its obvious VFN just does what they need to do to get it out the door. its as little as possible.
    Anyhow, I sent the photos to VFN, was polite on the phone, things happen, I understand, they said "we will see what we can do".
    I got an email a couple hours later just basically saying "yeah, sorry about your misfortune, things happen. They denied the poor quality workmanship and just said, if you only refused it everything would have been great.
    They packaged a fiberglass hood in a cardboard box, with nothing more than a thin piece of cardboard taped over the corners and a couple thick cardboard squares to stop it from being compressed. No styrofoam to protect it or anything for that matter.
    Anyhow, no point in getting into a war with them, I just have to accept my losses.

    I just want those of you who are considering becoming a customer of theirs, I as one, don't recommend it.
    Loved the look of the WSQ hood, was a total disappointment when I received it. It is very low quality, expect to have to do a crap ton to fix it and even then, don't even think about taking it to a car show, you'll be the ugly duckling. Oh and did I mention the ram air is slightly bigger on one side? Total crap Ls1 folks!

    There goes 1000.00 bucks! Keep yours

    Cheers all.

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    Wow sorry to hear that. I got mine 3 yrs ago and had zero issues with the shipping or quality I got.

    Not defending them now only in what I received 3 yrs ago. There is a final fitment that has to be done on any aftermarket hood you get.

    When you do get ready to align it, you may need to enlarge the holes on the hood hinges. I had to in order to get it aligned just right. Gap needs a little sanding on the drives side of the hood but nothing a body shop can't do when it goes to paint. The rough texture should be gel coat to protect the fiberglass that needs to be sanded anyways to paint it.

    I agree with you about how are you suppose to know if it's ok without opening the shipping box.

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