Hello and thanks for your reply sorry it's been a minute for me to reply to your replies but here we go the reason why my response to the original Thread is I build a lot of LS series in so I've built a lot of Camaros Trans Am Firebirds so what I'm saying is I've been through a lot of f body cars seen a lot of combinations aftermarket and Factory if you're driving a regularTrans Am V8 LS motor it might seem to you to be the same as a WS6 model or SS so on but I actually took a factory LS1 motor of the same year as a factory WS6 motor put them both on Dyno that's where I get my numbers not from what the factory puts out on an interview like for instance my friend's mom bought a 2000 Trans Am and kept it in the garage most of it's life long story short after my friend Brad took over the Trans Am he decided we should build it and put an LSX motor in it as we're pulling it apart it has the 343 gears regular LS intake and so on so all I'm saying from my experience of pulling dozens of f bodies apart and basically the same combination for each brand so you can believe the hype or somebody that's been in it it's like being in a boxing match you can believe the boxer who is going to know more about boxing then the commentator that can analyze and know about what the boxer gives in his interview thanks again but we're busy putting LS swaps in everything you can think of I think we scheduled an LS swap for my neighbor's refrigerator next week keep reading I'll let you know how it goes thanks for reading