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Winterizing my bird

This is a discussion on Winterizing my bird within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Unfortunately its getting close to that time to put my car away for the winter and I was looking to ...

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    Winterizing my bird

    Unfortunately its getting close to that time to put my car away for the winter and I was looking to get some ideas of what some other people do before storage. I know of a few good things to do such as changing the oil and adding some fuel stabilizer but I'm just curious as to what other people do along with the few basics that I know. I don't know if its recommended to get out and run it every so often or just let it sit idle for a few months. I've always had my truck to run year round so I never had to do this before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    I put my T/A away in November and don't take her out until March/April depending on the weather.

    I don't go extreme, but I don't change the oil until I take her out of storage in the spring. No point in ruining perfectly good oil over winter. I also put some Stabil into the tank, put the car on jack stands (prevents flat spots on the tires), and open the windows so the air doesn't get stale in the car (obviously don't do this if your car isn't inside a garage). Lastly, at least every month, I try to start her up, let her warm up at idle, then (don't laugh), I actually drive her in the garage...I shift through gears while revving the engine. This geats the fluids in the trans and rear end moving, so they're not settling either...remember my car is on jack stands...don't try this with the car on the ground.

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    I put mine in the garage in Nov and do nothing but hook a 1.5 amp battery charger to the battery. My car has a system that runs the blower fan about every 10-15 minutes. The idea is to keep the air inside the vent tubes dry to prevent mildew and nasty smells. So if I dont hook up the charger it will drain the battery over winter. But thats it. In the spring, wash it, wax it and change the oil, then hit the highway.

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    I don't change my oil before winter storage, I'm with ls1camino on this, "why waste the oil". I do put STA-BIL in with the fuel and when I park the car in the garage I park on top of carpet to prevent moisture coming up from the concrete floor. And to prevent the tires from "flatspotting" I simply over inflate the tires, about 10 lbs. As far as charging the battery I just put a regular battery charger on the cars battery once a week for about an half an hour. And since I don't have any kids playing around the car or anything else that can damage the cars finish, I don't have a car cover on it. I just wash the dust off in the spring and deflate the tires to the correct preasure.
    As whether to start the car is up to you, true it probaly does circulate all the fluids in the engine but at the same time your creating alot of moisture in the exhaust system.

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