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what do you think?

This is a discussion on what do you think? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by BashamWS6 i just dont see anything wrong with upgrading a car to perform and look like another...just ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BashamWS6 View Post
    i just dont see anything wrong with upgrading a car to perform and look like another...just as long as you arent falsely labling it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebirdjones View Post
    I was joking, but in all seriousness, they did look pretty good at the time. I don't think everyone is a follower, they just liked it. I for one have very different taste then most here.

    On the hoods, I've found they do make a very measurable increase in power at the track. Probably cruising not so much, but it doesn't take much speed to start forcing air in there.
    Next time you go to the track, tape off the hood underneath and make a couple passes, you might be surprised what happens.
    I did this on our SS 4th gens and those hoods aren't as effective, and I still found some interesting results.

    On my Formula (seen here) The factory hood is functional, above 80 mph there is so much air forced into the air cleaner it actually pushes the PCV filter out of it's holder and forces it all the way around to the back of the air cleaner. I had to wire tie it in place It's extremely effective.

    You can also see from the pic I'm nothing close to a follower, big flashy wheels aren't necessarily my thing, in this case the dog dish hubcaps do just fine for me

    Click for full size
    I knew you were joking, I was just voicing my opinion with some people making cookie cutter cars. I actually don't mind Black wheels on some colors of cars but the Vette wheel phenomena is almost as overplayed as the Torque Thrust II's were.
    BTW Love the `70 Formula, I think those hoods were probably the most functional of any BITD.

    Quote Originally Posted by stolenthunder View Post
    I've seriously considered your comments and put a street-legal 70 MPH speed limiter on my car. I have no legal reason for going any faster and I am clearly an ignorant person trying to imitate the aggressive styling of true, WS6 labeled cars. Something that I now (thankfully) realize I have no right to do.

    If I can get the clear plastic visor off of my instrument panel, would duct tape work to cover up the remaining illegal numbers on my spedometer?

    Thank you for your advice.

    I take it by your sarcasm that you haven't been around these cars for the last 13yrs. I was merely correcting your assumption that the hoods actually did what the GM Marketing Dept. said it would.
    It's pretty well known on most of these boards that even if the hood was debaffled and sealed to the airbox your only likely to gain around 3-4 HP at over 100 mph.

    BTW there isn't too many people in this country that don't break the law every day in a car, myself included.
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