I have a 2000 firebird ws6 formula stock 5.7 with stock cats, living in California which has a pretty restrictive smog program. My car passes all smog requirements except for the cats, orbII not ready for cats is the code. I have a mountain of paperwork documentating how I have been trying to get my car smogged. If someone out there has a pair of STOCK catalytic converters for sale, let me know either here or at tuggytuggyboat@yahoo.com.

My car was registered in Texas for 8 years, no problem bc they do not have smog checks, just safety inspections. California cares more about petty parts of smog requirements instead of making sure your brake, taillight and headlights work.

btw, my formula runs great, no smoke, no tailpipe emissions, but the last thing to be replaced in an attempt to pass smog is to just replace the stock cats with another pair of stock cats. put in new 02 sensors, made no difference. good thing bc the dealer scanned the computer, pulled up codes saying only the 02 sensors needed to be replaced, they wanted over $1,000 just to replace the sensors, soon I had them replaced by other than the dealer the check engine light came back on again anyway. btw, in order to attempt to get a waiver by the department of motor vehicle, the "ask the ref" sponsored by CARB (California air resources board) said the drive cycles had to be done and documentated ONLY by a dealer. what a croc.

I paid $240 for 4 denso 02 sensors and $100 by my mechanic to put them in (I do not have a lift).

I hate going to dealers, as one in my area wants $275 just to bring it in, with no work done on it. The service division managers often act aloof, superior and that they are doing you a favor for just looking at your car.

the check engine light just came on again, going to a smog repair station tomorrow, more than likely the scan will show that the catalytic converters are defective.

I should have just continued to register the car in Texas.

thanks... Mike