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V6 Burnout?

This is a discussion on V6 Burnout? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I use to have a red 95 3.4l v6 maro a4 with alot of miles and i was always running ...

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    I use to have a red 95 3.4l v6 maro a4 with alot of miles and i was always running it hard,i did donuts easy even with 20's and a box in the back,I put a posi rear end on it from a 94 z28 and it swung even better.I sold it 2 years back it was just too slow for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smittro View Post
    Yeah we can do a burn out (2 legs too)..hehehe

    sounds just like my weedwacker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smittro View Post
    Or you can always trade it in on one of these...
    Poor Mustang, what a smackdown!

    And there has never been a 6 cylinder OE Formula.

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    The 3.4 was the nail in the coffin so to speak.. GM in their infinite wisdom desided to run an all iron ~150hp in F-body when many folks were used to running 3.4 high features in thier family cars.. Needless to say the puller cars had more stuff a 3.4 grand-am high feature will eat an all iron 3.4 for breakfast to~110 mph.. The f-body 3.4 was a horrible joke played on us 660 guys/gals.. SHitty heads, shitty UI, shitty LI, Expanded 2 piece POS flex plates (auto), castrated the sweet spot & 6000 rpm for a lousy 6200 limiter. Suddenly the 3800 was looking better and better.. But Alas we gat the all iron 3800II, and shortly after you v8 guys got the ls1.. You guys with the ls1 made out,, the v6 crowd was hung out to dry.. GM has been making better more powerfull v6 forever.. Notice now how GM went back to the 660 and gave it on par ls1 type power out of an N/A 660 3.6l.. A high feature no less too.. GM could have been offering 300+ hp in many v6 platforms but did'nt for whatever reason...
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