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As a buyer you have to be able to determine those things. It's pretty easy to crawl under the car and see how clean things are, how it was installed, drive and see how it acts. Most importantly someone that has installed an expensive part like a 9" should have receipts with dates. If it was bought second hand as they sometimes are, you may have to do a little more investigating to satisfy yourself but it has no bearing with the end result of the price on the car when you think about it. Mileage isn't all that much of a concern when it comes to these rears, neither is racing all that much of a red flag. Every one of these cars has been raced at some point, and I would rather see it done with a 9" or 12 bolt than buy one with an abused 10 bolt. These aftermarket rears are pretty bulletproof for many many years and will likely outlast the car itself anyway. What you have to take into account is that if you wanted to put one in yourself, how much is that going to dent the bank account? That's the sole reason people don't do it.

What I would be more concerned about is buying one of these cars with the stock 10 bolt still in it. You know most of these cars are driven hard and put away wet, especially a 6 speed car. How much abuse has that 10 bolt taken and how much more will it take?? No way of knowing, it's a crap shoot. Part of buying a used car. All you can do is have a close look at it, grab the pinion, check for play or seepage, and cross your fingers.
A car with a 12 bolt or 9 inch however, it's much less concern. I wouldn't care if it were in there for 5-6 years and had 50,000 miles and dozens of passes on it. That sucker will live longer than I will, lol. It's really a matter of "does the buyer want to pay for that piece of mind?" If not, then a 10 bolt rear would better suit them, save your coin and take your chances.
All valid points, remember that I am speaking in general terms, never was pointing at your car BTW. If I cant confirm the quality and I have to buy from the hip, I would want to price down to protect myself, or walk away from the sale.