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Rust Bucket

This is a discussion on Rust Bucket within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I replaced my power antenna mast on my 2002 WS6 and saw that half of my right rear wheel well ...

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    Rust Bucket

    I replaced my power antenna mast on my 2002 WS6 and saw that half of my right rear wheel well was rusted through. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Probably came from the snow i had a 01 Monte Carlo that had rust on it from snow,car came from pennsilvania

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    Winter salt rust, from the rust belt..

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    I had a water leak in mine, one of the seams of the body.

    To find it, I had taken out all of the interior pieces and carpet, had some spray the area with a hose while I was inside.

    I used RTV silicone(made the car stink for alittle while) on all seams and then did the same for the driverside.

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    there should be a drain hole (3/8" or so) at the bottom of the compartment where the spare tire is (you may need to remove the spare to see it)... wonder if something is blocking it up?.. i didn't notice any rusting on mine in the aforementioned area, ...the only place i've seen rust is on the fender lips of the rear wheel wells..

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