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Reshaping a white shadow-my 1998 T/A story

This is a discussion on Reshaping a white shadow-my 1998 T/A story within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So I have not owned 3 trans arms in my life: a 94, 97, and now a 98. Its been ...

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    Reshaping a white shadow-my 1998 T/A story

    So I have not owned 3 trans arms in my life: a 94, 97, and now a 98. Its been hell trying to keep her..much less keep her in shape. Over the 5 years I've owned this girl there's a lot of work to be done.
    She has 118,000 miles, only putting on 22k myself in 5 years. I'd like to start small but things will come and go and I'm asking for opinions on what to do first and I might keep this post as my summer journal.

    Basically if there's something I should do..or you think I'd like, let me know because I don't have much experience outside of fire birds and fixing my own issues!

    Wheel bearings-loud noises..need replacing asap
    Transmission slipping? Might convert to manual next year

    Spark plugs
    Coolant flush

    New style seats (1999 anniversary style?)
    All new speakers
    Sub and amp
    New head unit
    Upholstery? (Looking at dark charcoal?)

    Exterior: repaint the ws6 hood due to clear coat peeling-i 'm thinking either new color-black or white with vinyl racing stripes or personalized vinyl with some design towards the windshield orris custom paint job.
    New rims
    New driver fender and trim- caused by an accident

    Oil change
    Transmission fluid and filter change
    Both window motors
    Rear brake pads

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    I'm going to have to sticky this post response. (I've answer this questions so many times...)

    First you need to determine what your car status is (what works, what needs repair), next budget & then make a plan. No sense in getting the cart before the mule.

    The car status is important if you want to drive it while building it up. If you're planning a complete tear down and build with no imminent time line then it's a budget, skills & time.

    Budget - know how much you're willing to spend. Plan for unexpected things. Crap breaks (all the time). Know how much your spouse will let you spend too.

    Skills/tools - Do you have them? Know your limits. Some things are best left to the pros. Its ok to do it yourself, just understand your the responsible one in the end. Tools - unless you own your own shop you're going to need tools.

    Time - An average car build is 3-5 yrs (I'm going on my 4th) It is also dictated by money. No money = more time, More money = less time

    Planning - you have several options on how to go. DD, street, strip, & show. Each can be mixed up but some don't work with others that well. For example. DD/Street works great, while DD/Strip only does not. Research, research, research again. ask questions, many on here are glad to help.

    Where to start - like I said know what's wrong first, repair first. Upgrade if you can. A solid direction was given to me when I first started. Mild bolt ons are ok for starters, next suspension, then transmission, then motor. If you reverse that you'll be spending more time down then up and running. The more power you throw at the drive train the more it needs beefed up. Same goes with suspension. More power, no traction = going no where and spending more money on tires.

    this is just some highlights. Ask away.....

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