Pontiac V-8 Cylinder Heads - Victor's New Spoils

Edelbrock's new Victor-series Pro-Port cylinder heads provide a solid basis from which head porters can work their magicEdelbrock developed its Performer RPM Pontiac cylinder head during the '90s as a high-flow replacement for the desirable round-port originals. With as-cast intake airflow peaking around 280 cfm, it quickly proved its ability for strong street performance. Professional porters increased airflow capacity by nearly 100 cfm with a wide-port design, making it an excellent option for racers as well. The Performer RPM is arguably the most popular aftermarket casting used for street and race applications today.

Photo Gallery: Pontiac V-8 Cylinder Heads - Edelbrock Victor Pro-Port Heads For V-8 Pontiacs - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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