Pontiac G8 Pedders Suspension Kit - Suspension Redemption

Part II: Performance-Aligning And Track-Testing The "Pedderised" G8Last month, we took an '08 G8 and "redeemed" its factory suspension for a brand-new Pedders Track II system with Sports Ryder lowering coils, gas Sports Ryder struts, Sports Ryder bushings, and eXtreme adjustable sway bars. During the two-day installation, performed by Precision Motorsports of Florida in Odessa, we documented the parts swaps, as the factory rear control arms, differential, shocks, springs, subframe, front control arms, radius rods, steering arms, and front and rear sway bars were unbolted, and the G8's bushings, springs, shocks, and sway bars were replaced with Pedders components.

Photo Gallery: Pontiac G8 Pedders Suspension Kit - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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