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    So a while back I debaffled my hood and I have not really drove in anything more then a sprinkle since. Today was my lucky day. I drove is some pretty good rain.... Pretty consistent with lots of back splash from the cars in front of me. I was in a 55mph and then the expressway.

    I tried to keep my speeds down, but as far as this hydro-locking thing. i know it has happened to a few guys on here. Is it very common to happen?

    Am I just paranoid? I don't know if I should put the baffles back in. At this stage I can't afford for anything to happen to my baby.

    Where does the majority of the water come in? through the nostrils or through the open area between the hood and bumper or from underneath? I had a plan to at least make a plate no rain could get in through the nostrils

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    I've soaked my air filter twice now after a couple 20 minute interstate drives with HEAVY rain and HEAVY spray from semi's. Both times I freaked out and removed my lid to find that everything after the air filter bone dry. Now, I'm not really worried about it too much. Keep the throttle as closed as possible while driving and I don't think too much water (if any) is gonna get sucked in.

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