New Hope for Those Seeking Long Lost Cars

At seventy-years old, Gerald holds on to memories of cruising open roads and the power and freedom of it all. Keith knew that his father could not be the only one feeling such emptiness over a beloved car, so twelve years ago he created a website called The Lost Car Registry.Anyone reading this knows the sentiment involved with car ownership. Whether it's your first, your best, your most reliable, or your fastest, most every car nut can name the vehicle that forced them into this crazy hobby. And isn't it true that so many times we mark a life event with what we were driving at the time? The car you left your wedding reception in, the car you brought your firstborn home in, the car you took on a road trip to the Grand Canyon - they all seem to personalize our life stories. Keith Ingersoll knows all about those feelings and has recently begun the quest for reuniting loving past owners with the automobiles that most impacted their lives.

Photo Gallery: New Hope for Those Seeking Long Lost Cars - High Performance Pontiac

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