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Nbm ws6

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    Nbm ws6

    So I went to check out this WS6 yesterday,but i did not look at the pictures well enough to notice the cracked and chipped passenger door and rocker panel,but thats just cosmetics which can be fixed,i start up the car and security light stays on,the engine in the car sounds good,while talking to the guy i let it run for about 35-45 minutes no knocking,tapping or smoking the oil is fine trans and coolant are fine,nothing dripping or leaking under the car so i take a visual around the car and noticed that it has been painted,no biggie fresh torque thrust 2s with decent tires car looks ok,i look at the door and its a true WS6,so i test drive it the transmission shifts fine car doesnt hesitate to move at all,the exhaust is kind of too loud for my liking,but i could have changed that,but here where it gets bad as im driving the car the rear end starts to whine real loud,i ask him did he hear the noise and he says "oh its the exhaust" "i say no its the rear end" so he's like "do you still wanna buy" "i said if you take off for the rear end" and he's like "im selling the car cheap as it is" he wont budge from $5995+TT&L Tax,Title & License,that i tell him im not interested,then i get out check the headlights and they grind when you put them down,i tell him the car needs work,he says the car is a rare car and perfect for the price and someone will buy it so i told him yeah someone will buy it but not me i hate sellers with attitudes like that they wanna sell you junk for top dollar

    THE GOOD:Good Motor and Transmission
    Dash or Dash Pad Isnt Cracked
    True WS6
    A/C & Heat Works
    Has TTop Shades
    Torque Thrust 2s

    The Bad:The Price $5995+TT&L Non Negotiable
    Bad Rear End(that he wont fix or deduct from the price)
    Headlight Gears Need Replacing
    Security Light Wont Go Off
    LOUD Exhaust
    157k Miles
    The Seats Are Worn
    Engine Bay Dirty
    Exterior of Passenger Side Door is cracked
    Passenger Rocker Panel is Cracked
    Delusional Owner
    Verdictidnt Buy and still searching
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    Seems a bit high if you're going to have to soak money into it right off the bat with a new rear end. I wouldn't be too concerned on the mileage as these engines can last a long time. It all depends on how well the previous owner/s took care of maintaining it.

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    Looks a bit on the rough side for the price.

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    What does he mean by "says the car is a rare car and perfect for the price" Not sure of the year by the picture, but I'll guess anywhere from a 99-02. The 1999, 2000, and 2002 there were over 31 thousand Firebirds built/sold. Not sure the of the ratio Firebird/TA/WS6. 2001 has the least ever built @ just over 14 thousand total units. These numbers are not exact, but, even Pontiac/GM does not know exactly how many Firebirds were delivered to the public. So my question is....what does he mean by "rare car". Other then a Clone...a WS6 is a WS6. Not that rare if you ask me. Rare would be the original 1969 TA w/WS6 package.
    Glad to hear you took a pass on it Fbody, too much for a car that needs some $$ and TLC.
    Besides the anal retentive ass-clown who tried to sell it

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