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This is a discussion on Mods within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys. I'm planning on doing a few things to my '02 WS6 for next summer and I was just ...

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    Hey guys. I'm planning on doing a few things to my '02 WS6 for next summer and I was just looking for a second opinion. I'm estimating that about $1,500 is what I'll have to spend on the car by then. Wish I could do more but school kind of ties me down. This is my idea. FAST intake manifold, FAST 90mm throttle body, whisper air lid and a smooth intake bellow. Also because of the T-tops I think I might get a pair of sub frame connectors. If i can come up with a little more money, I'm thinking MSD ignition. Hows that for my money? Anyone have any better suggestions for that price? If i can I'll try to get $2000 but we'll see. Also, what exactly are the blaster coils? Would there be a point to get a set of eight somewhere down the line?

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    Don't worry about the coils. You have plenty of spark for a bolt-on car.

    What are your plans for the car?? If you don't plan on going crazy with it, don't go FAST. You already have a very good LS6 intake on that motor. Leave it stock.
    Smooth intake bellow is an appearance mod.

    Port and polish the throttle body.
    Subframe connectors.
    Good catback.
    Pacesetter longtubes.

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    first off, is the car a auto or six speed?
    if its an auto, get a stall converter, its the best possible upgrade for performance.
    a fast intake and T/B is overkill for youre car now.
    a stall converter, shift kit, and oil cooler is about 700 at speedinc which is 10 minutes from chicago( about another 500-600 will be needed for install and tune.
    lets say total is $1400. have them install sub frams cas youll need them.
    above cost for frames and install will be about 200 or so.
    when you have more money, get whichever airlid is onsale and a hooker or magnaflow exhaust.
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    If you want to get started now, we have a group purchase going on for subframe connectors and driveshaft loops. While inexpensive through the group purchase, subframe connectors are recommended as one of the first mods to do on an f-body. Too many people go without them for too long and begin to get unsightly dings on the rear fender from chasis flex.

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