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Kooks Installed. Have a Few Questions.

This is a discussion on Kooks Installed. Have a Few Questions. within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Kooks Installed on Friday the 13th ! No problems or back luck. 1 & 7/8" Header and 3" Y-Pipe with ...

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    Kooks Installed. Have a Few Questions.

    Kooks Installed on Friday the 13th !
    No problems or back luck.
    1 & 7/8" Header and 3" Y-Pipe with the High Flow Cats. Very impressed with the quality and fit. In fact it seems to be a better fit than the factory pipes leading to the Magnaflow system which I had previously installed. I did take forum members advice and use the GM Delco Multi Layer Steel Exhaust Gaskets. Thank you. They snug right up nice & pretty !
    One Forum member mentioned he thought the Y-Pipe from Kooks was low quality. To me it was beautifully done and same quality as the system. No rattles, squeaks or any new noises. Matter of fact a knocking type sound that I could never find is now also gone. Maybe they made some improvements ?
    The sound is awesome with the Magnaflow Quad Tips. Steady highway speed is surprisingly quiet but at WOT you definitely hear it arriving.
    The one thing I have noticed so far is that it pulls hard all the way to the rev limiter. Before, you could feel the engine holding back some because it could't get the exhaust out quick enough. It also seems as if the revs come easier and the engine has no "straining" sound.
    I previously had a Frost Street Tune and I'll see if I get any codes. I do plan on sending the PCM back to Frost and have him tweak it for Air Tubes Off and Cat Efficiency. Does this make any sense to the more knowledgeable Forum members ? Some opinions have been that I don't really need to send the PCM back for revisions. It seems as if Frost is jammed right now with the Spring thaw and I want to put some miles on and see if gas mileage changes. Anyway, it runs and sounds great.
    Next on my list is a quality "lid". Has SLP made any improvements on the fit of their lid ?
    I don't want to go the Volant route and after that there doesn't seem to be anything else As usual any and all advice is appreciated. This Forum has greatly assisted me in making informed decisions and eliminated those "shot in the dark" modifications that are sometimes more snake oil than factual
    Magnaflow Quad Tip, Lid, SBellow
    UMI: FTC, FSB, RSB, LCA's, PBAR, SFC's, T-Arm w/relo, D/S Loop
    Kooks LTH, 3" YP, H/F Cats
    Custom Grind Cam, Stall, 3:73 rear
    Bilsteins w/Strano Springs Conti Super Contacts
    TuneByFrost MSD Wires
    Cross Drilled/Slotted Rotors w/Ceramic

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    I would get it retuned for the new exhaust.

    SLP to my knowledge hasn't done anything to their design.

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    A tune will help get the most out of your new headers, but it is not required. You installed the same setup we have on our car.

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    I agree with Kevin and Jeff.

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