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Hypertech tuning?

This is a discussion on Hypertech tuning? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a hypertech tuner that i bought wih my car back in 98...i had gears put in my car ...

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    Hypertech tuning?

    I have a hypertech tuner that i bought wih my car back in 98...i had gears put in my car in 99 but when i did my gears and went to 3.73 they didnt calibrate my computer for it so i was really doing more than a mile when i went an actual mile. So now i have it set on the programmer to 4.56 gears but i really dont like it too much. the shifts arnt to accurate with what i set them too redline wise. ill put them at 6200 RPM to shift and theyll gett to 6100 and will hit the limiter and owont shift Also i want to know what RFG and NON RFG means. I want to know what i can do to solve my problem with the gearing/mileage. thank you.

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    Your best bet is to scrap that handheld and go with a custom tune
    At the top right of the screen frost does mail order tunes, look into it

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    ^^ This. I have a Hypertech that came with our car. I use it to monitor sensor data and record runs at the track. Go with a Frost mail order tune and you'll get far more bang for your buck.

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    To answer your question:

    RFG=reformulated gas
    NRFG= real gasoline

    Reformulated gasoline (RFG) is gasoline blended to burn more clearly than conventional gasoline and to reduce smog-forming and toxic pollutants in the air we breathe. The RFG program was mandated by Congress in the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments. The first phase of the RFG program began in 1995 and the second (current) phase began in 2000.

    RFG is required in cities with high smog levels and is optional elsewhere. RFG is currently used in 17 states and the District of Columbia. About 30 percent of gasoline sold in the U.S. is reformulated.

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    Ditch the handheld unit and give Frost a try. I have a Frost tune and my car runs better then ever.

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