Alright so i just bought a ws6 about 3 weeks ago. Has 112k original miles. The day after i bought the car the check engine light came on for p0420. I figured the lot that sold me the car cleared the code before selling me the car. So i called up the place and i was like wtf replace the cats they're no good. They finally agreed to fix the cats and right before i took the car to them i ran the codes again and now the p0430 code came up. They replaced both catalytic converters, got the car back with no CEL. Now im thinking the car is running good. Earlier today a BMW pulled up to me and we were doing a couple pulls. I had the a/c on because this texas heat aint no joke. It was just like 3 pulls nothing serious like i said i had the a/c on so it wasnt running 100%. On the last pull the check engine light came on and it started flashing, then went away. This was not the first time. It happened once before the first week i had the car, and it was also when i did a pull. Im thinking something is misfiring now, but i can not figure out what. The check engine light is still off. I still conneted the OBD scanner to make sure. And it said "no codes found". Wtf could it be? should i still drive the car? Like i said its happened twice. Both times it started blinking it went away after a couple of seconds. The first time the CEL was already on. The second time was after i replaced the cats and the CEL is off. This is my dream car and i dont want anything to happen to it since im still paying it off. Any help is aprreciated, thank you.