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Got her on the dyno

This is a discussion on Got her on the dyno within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by shady milkman what 1/4 time do you run ? hp numbers are and have always been used ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shady milkman View Post
    what 1/4 time do you run ?

    hp numbers are and have always been used for baselines and tuning ..unless you are a ricer than it is used to determine who is faster
    Ill let you know when I run it this summer. Ive never ran this car at the track. I used to only worry about runnin it on the street but now that im gettin older its startin to make more sense to do things the ol' "legal" way. Come on man like I said before I never really cared what my car put down cuz Ive always said that dyno sheets dont win races. I just went ahead and dynoed it cuz a friend of mine was gettin a baseline but Ive always known that my car runs really well for what it has done so I wasnt too shocked with the numbers. Did I ever say my car was faster than anyones because of my numbers? I didnt think so. It just gets a lil old when anyone puts down better numbers than certain people they feel that they have to call bs on em. Not every car is the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Luos View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    358 RWHP in thin Colorado air seems even more unlikely...something just ain't right here. Generous dyno calibration???
    Why would it be any more unlikely?
    SAE has set correction factors. They don't change because of the altitude.
    I guess I assumed all dynos read the actual measured horsepower and the corrected horsepower was calculated after the fact. But talking with a friend the other day, he said a lot of dynos are setup to read/display the "corrected" horsepower.
    If those numbers are the corrected numbers, then its more believable.

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