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Ford guy likes TAs?

This is a discussion on Ford guy likes TAs? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So I went to last night's Yankees-Brewers game. My company has unbelievable tickets in the suites. With the tix comes ...

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    Ford guy likes TAs?

    So I went to last night's Yankees-Brewers game. My company has unbelievable tickets in the suites. With the tix comes "premium" parking. Need a special pass to get in the reserved garage. As I rumbled past the elevators on the 4th level, setting car alarms off all the way, I noticed a guy in a blue suit just hanging out.

    I figured he was part of the staff - they all wear some sort of blue shirt, jacket, whatever. I parked and walked toward the elevator. He said "Man, that looks like a lot of fun...". I said thanks, it is. He said "that ragtop is real, right?". I said yep, but I keep it up driving through the Bronx....

    Turns out he was waiting for a colleague. Another dude in a blue jacket. We traveled down the elevator together. He says to his buddy "I was just talking to this guy about his car". His bud says "Oh yeah, what?". Dude says "A Trans Am convertible". Bud says "Didn't they stop making those, like in '93 or '96". Dude says "No, 2002. His is an '02 - a brand new one.".

    Now, I know it's 2011 and 2002 isn't brand new, so I say "Or as new as you can get, anyway". His buddy seems fairly disinterested, and we didn't really speak the rest of the way down.

    Just before the game starts, Ford gave away a some sport ute thing. I don't follow Ford stuff, or any new stuff for that matter. It was painted like the Yankee uniforms - white with a blue pinstripe. I suspect you'll find it on eBay soon. Anyway, they selected the winner (some old dude lugging an oxygen tank around) and paraded it out onto the field.

    I look up at the big screen and who is there giving this Ford truck away? The dude I rode down in the elevator with. Some big shot with Ford. Really nice guy, don't get me wrong, but now I wonder was he making fun of my old TA? Or did he have a genuine interest in it as a 'car guy'.

    I think I'll just assume that his interest was genuine and be happy about it.

    I cruised home around midnight with the top down, at around 90-100 MPH in 5th gear the whole way. It doesn't get much better, I don't care what people think or say.

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    i think whether you are a ford or gm guy, if you see a nice mustang or camaro or TA you have to appreciate it.. well you dont have to.. but i love camaros and TAs. i see a few stangs around here that are great looking cars.. if im at a light, parts store or car wash i will chat with them and give them props cause im a car guy.. unless they are total dicks, most of them will do the same for you. its been said on here a few times.. if a guy has a muscle car and has put in time and money to make it stand out and look good, he gets props from me.. sure its fun to get kill stories and play around with cars not like ours.. i mean not everyone can be a camaro or TA guy.. if the world was like that, it wouldnt be much fun now would it? lol

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    A real car guy loves a nice muscle car regardless of brand. I love my Trans Am and all my cars are GM. From the LT1 to LS1 Fbody's were great. Before that I had 5.0's. After 02 I would get a 03 or 04 Cobra over anything GM made. After that their was nothing that really appealed to me in a 2 door muscle car, GTO just wasn't my style and the Mustang's were slow unless you could afford a GT 500. Now that we got a used 2011 5.0
    6spd and soon as I drove it I loved it. Fun with good power, sound and a great shifting tranny. Much better than any new stock Camaro SS I have driven. I love all realy muscle cars regardless of brand a nice car is a nice car. I think that guy was just a real car guy who looks past a name and see's a good car.
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    ^^Exactly. Its all about the muscle. As far as im concerned i love all kinds of muscle compared to crap rice.

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    i agree with all of you.

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    Just because he works for Ford doesn't mean he likes Fords anyway. Maybe he couldn't get in at GM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z28_Driver View Post
    Just because he works for Ford doesn't mean he likes Fords anyway. Maybe he couldn't get in at GM.
    What I was thinking. I'm sure alot of these guys just go wherever the jobs are.

    It's like if you only drink Coke, but Pepsi offers you a great going to say no?

    It could also be that just by being in the auto industry he's a car guy in general. And a cool car is a cool, car, whether it's Ford, GM or Mopar.

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    car guys are car guys, I've been a GM guy since I was 16 and found out I didn't fit in a fox body mustang (6'2" legs too long) but my best friend is a ford master tech and I have no problems drooling over the shelby cobras or ford GT's when he gets them in to work on them or take them for a test drive. I don't think I'd make fun of someone elses car unless they were really bragging about something that didn't deserve it, just to knock them down a peg into reality. In my opinion every car is a work in progress.
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