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This is a disgrace to a 4th gen Trans am

This is a discussion on This is a disgrace to a 4th gen Trans am within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; BAHAHAHAHA to the VCR comments!. I think the best thing ever was when the first DVD player came out and ...

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    2000 Trans Am WS.6 M6

    BAHAHAHAHA to the VCR comments!. I think the best thing ever was when the first DVD player came out and you could pause the screen without the white line in the middle of the screen...oh Jennifer Connely, thank you for your younger days....

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    79 Trans Am

    I don't think the hood or wheels are that bad. The wing is lame obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingls1 View Post
    Don't feel bad firebird I have a bunch of vhs. Tapes I want to transfer also. Mom has like three of those vhs/ DVD
    Gee I must be moving into the high tech world not to have a vcr. In my small red neck town...... I'm trying
    Oh don't worry, I don't mind having the VHS. When VHS came around it was a blessing. The youngin's don't realize how good they have it now. We didn't even own a digital camera until the mid 90's. Everything before that was on film and taken to be developed somewhere, and if we wanted instant photos we still used a polaroid at that time. Most of you guys probably don't even remember the photo development stores where you could watch your photo's as they were being processed,,lol. That was high tech at the time.

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    kinda like Walmart has ....

    And yes I remember those. I also remember those small shacks that you drove up, dropped off the film and come back in a day or two.

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    Or how about when you used a telephone, and if you wanted privacy, the only option was a 8ft long coiled cord, and a closet?!! lol Also you had a rotary dial that when you had to dial 9, it took about 9 seconds as the dial spun around. No portable phone either unless u had a car battery in a backpack!

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    if i see this car i will have two orielly's auto store clamp on exhaust tips and a hack saw....nuff said.
    [B]2000 ws6 trans am - LT's, no cats, cut-out, street-tune by Sunshine Performance 12.93 @107

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    gotta love the pointed up muffler tips...

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