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At the crossroads of ownership... Ever been there??

This is a discussion on At the crossroads of ownership... Ever been there?? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Howdy all, long time lurker, new member. First time posting. So here's what's been bugging at me lately with the ...

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    2000 Pontiac WS6

    At the crossroads of ownership... Ever been there??

    Howdy all, long time lurker, new member. First time posting.

    So here's what's been bugging at me lately with the bird. I have a 2000 WS6, Black, 128K, great daily driver, runs good but has little issues starting to creep up. I have been thinking about selling her and maybe making the move to a C5 vette or early C6. Problem is that everytime I see that bird sitting in a parking lot as i am waling out to her, she still looks damn good. You know the feeling you get when you just look forward to turning the key and hearing it fire up. The T-tops come off and I don't think there is a better feeling that just blasting down the road with tunes cranked. I am almost 40 but I feel younger when i drive it. Yeah, thats probably weird to say. So, here is the crossroads I am at........

    A: Spend 20-23K on a C5 Z06 with 30-40K miles on it and hope it hasn't had the crap kicked out of it. Sell bird and enjoy Vette. Simple enough. I cave and get the old man sports car....... Wave as the TA drives down the driveway for the last time.


    B: Take the bird and set aside 6-8K to fix her up and put her back in to beautiful shape. She has a few basic bolt ons, exhaust, Y-pipe, hiflow cats, pulley. The motor has a bit of piston slap but it has always had that, but still runs smoothly. Doesn't get beat on to much. I have no other plans for the motor since it is a daily driver. I just want a reliable, tight handling, fairly clunk and rattle free daily driver that looks new.

    I figure I would spend/do:

    3K on a paint job to take care of all the little paint dings that time has dealt.
    1K on rebuilding the whole front end (steering joints and control arm bushings), Poly motor mounts, Stock tranny mounts and Poly torque arm bushings and frame stiffeners. The rear end has already been UMI'd.
    2K to set aside for a new tranny if and when the stocker goes.
    1K to replace the diff in the stock rear since the stocker is starting to get the popcorn sound and has some slop in it.

    The only thing I have not taken into account is the motor going........ That is what keeps me from going ahead with the plan to rebuild her, the motor.

    So I am wondering, I cant be the only guy that has stood in the garage and looked at this car and thought about all the trouble free fun I have had in it but wonder how much longer can it go on without some preventative maintenance. Seriously, this car has had nothing but the basics done to her, never had a problem with her.

    What would you do or what have you done? Is it worth it? The other thing I keep considering, these cars are gone and it sucks to see people wrecking them, kids trashing them. if I decide to get another one, they are getting tougher to find and the prices seem to be starting to creep up for nicer ones.....

    Feel free to post thoughts.

    Thanks for letting me have a place to air my thoughts.

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    Im going through this right now as we speak,this is my 3rd 4th gen t/a so sometimes i want something a little newer,but i still look at my girl & think that i would be a fool to part ways with it 1.)because the 4th gen t/a is one of my favorite cars & somewhere down the road i might get that urge to own a t/a again 2.) It may be very hard to find a very nice t/a for a reasonable price,i wanted a 05-06 GTO,but i changed my mind now im thinking about a regular C6 Or C6 Grand Sport,i would like a Z06,but i hate manual transmissions,so a Z06 is out of the question,i might just keep my WS6,because one day it will be a collectors item,i also like the 05-10 Charger SRT8 I want a sports car i know that and it has to be a GM product,im not a mopar man,but i like the the SRT8 chargers,but if its a GM its going to be a C6, or G8

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    Welcome! It is your car -- so long as you are happy with her, why give it up? Lots of guys on here have run there cars 200,000 miles and it seems that you are well aware of the known issues that can arise. Besides, it is almost a given that you will never own a car that looks as distinctive as a 4th gen WS6. In this day and age of cookie cutter cars, ours still stand out on the road and still draw appreciative looks and compliments.

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    I vote for fix her up. My first car was a vette and I love my TA even with it's problems more. Around where I live everyone either has a mustang or corvette, my TA gets more looks and compliments than they do.
    1998 Trans Am WS6 - Phantom
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    (Coming Soon) BMR DSL, UMI TQ Arm
    421 LQ9 14.8:1 on E85 Build/

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    corvettes are a dime a dozen. I live in a decent sized town and I only see 1 or 2 birds a summer

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    221.5k miles on my LS1, couldn't be happier with her. Drive 100+ miles a day. I have dealt with all the little issues, now just waiting for the big ones I have thought about selling a few times, even here lately. But in the long run:

    1. I will always love this car. I have DD'd 100+ miles a day since Feb. 2007, still not bored or tired of her.

    2. I know what to expect, and I know how to do all the basic to medium difficulty mechanic work myself.

    3. No matter how much I spend fixing and replacing on this car, I will still come out ahead of buying newer cars, as far as money goes.

    4. I have kids, and they are young. I will need back seats for the foreseeable future

    Of course, this is just me.

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    Fix it up. Anyone can buy a new car but it takes real passion to keep a car >10 years old looking good and on the road.
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    2000 Pontiac WS6

    Y'all are on the same page as I am then. I am keeping her. Nothing truly needs replaced, I am just OCD about car maintenance and when i hear a sound out of the ordinary I immediately replace the part even if it it most like still good for another batch of miles. Part of what got me to keep it is that I found the replacement T-top roof panel from 6litereater so that will clean up the biggest visual snafu. A good buff and roof replacement and she will look good again.

    Plus its paid for so by the time I get a "eco friendly" car with a payment and still have to pay for gas, I am still ahead driving the TA since I have no monthly bills associated with it.

    Thanks guys, be sure to wave to the other TA's/birds while you are out and about!

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    Keep the bird. They are getting super rare. I sold my 97 for the reasons you listed, then freaked out cause I missed it so much so much I bought a 2000 ss. F bodies have their quirks, but theyre fun and reasonably cheap. I would save or finance enogh to make it look and feel new. You owe it that much if its got you around for this long.

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