I Have a 2000 WS6.

I have been getting the check engine light and when I hook up my code reader it is saying the code for low TPS voltage. I have replaced the sensor and it was fine for a little while and then tripped again.

I have tested the wires and the power wire in is 5.0 volts as it should be. Ground wire 0 volts and blue wire 0 volts. when testing blue wire with a direct ground it is .6 volts and will move to a total of 3.9 volts when the throttle is wide open. When I test the blue wire with the factory ground I get the exact same results and the voltage increase is smooth without jumps. So it all appears to be working.

Any ideas on why I am getting this code? or just change out the TPS again.

I am posting this here and in the technical area so hopefully someone knows.