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Breath taking

This is a discussion on Breath taking within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Blackbird-WS6 agree for once lol On the subject. My 3800 makes 200 crank.. 301 v8 ~210hp with ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbird-WS6 View Post
    agree for once lol
    On the subject. My 3800 makes 200 crank.. 301 v8 ~210hp with boost??? Lmfao.. Can we say smogger?!!! Thing would be faster with a 231 n/a in it.. L67 would prolly break it..
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    PASSSSSSSSS!!!! that turbo 301 is a dog. Don't buy a 2nd gen older than 79. and 70-73 is where it's at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goof4080 View Post
    PASSSSSSSSS!!!! that turbo 301 is a dog. Don't buy a 2nd gen older than 79. and 70-73 is where it's at.

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    Actually, the '75's were the best! I had a 75 455HO T/A w/4 spd ( 1 of 852 made ), Stellar Blue with White interior with oxblood dash, carpet, and rear package shelf. While at the TA nats about 5 yrs ago one of the guys from HPP mag. asked me why I painted the car like that. With a smile I pulled out ALL of the paperwork for the car since it was built. Dealer order forms, build sheet, cancelled checks from the original buyer, ( I was the 3rd owner ), And a complete daily log showing every- and any- thing ever done to the car, with receipts. I had that car for 9 yrs, redid the 455, poly bushings everywhere. I could hop in and drive from my house in Carmichaels PA, to my house in NJ without a problem. The only mod I wanted to do to the car was to install an O/D trans for some hiway mileage. If i kept my foot out of it and cruised at about 65 I could pull down about 15-16 mpgs. Not too bad for a 455 with an 800 cfm Rottenchester. If i can figure out how to post pics from a cd disc I'll put some up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by transamtom View Post
    Its a boat anchor,455 FTW
    It's weird how the 403, 301 and 305 powered T/A's are now gaining popularity and value. I'm still a fan of the 455 and 400 power ones myself, but to each his own.

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