2010 Lingenfelter LTA - Turn Me On, Trans Am

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering's new '10 TA picks a 655 HP LSX-based 455 for modern power and performance, and retro cues from the '70-'73 Trans AmIf you're a true Trans Am lover, you already know that no amount of arm-twisting in the world can tempt you to turn from your favorite Pontiac breed. Others can rave about how fantastic the Fifth-Generation Camaro is, but you crave a Fifth-Generation Trans Am and nothing else will do. No matter how popular Chevy's pony car is to the American public, for you it's the Trans Am or nothing.

Photo Gallery: 2010 Lingenfelter LTA - 655 HP LSX-Powered LPE Fifth-Gen Trans Am - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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