1974 Pontiac Trans Am - Sexy Mutha'

Pontiac gambled a styling revision would lure buyers to the '74 Trans Am, but for this original owner, all it took was a '70s slang-phrase to put him in the driver seatThree years before Smokey and the Bandit became America's favorite cop versus cowboy movie, then-sheriff-academy graduate John Chencharick was already confidently chasing a Trans Am—his. "The story of my '74 Trans Am actually began in September of 1970," he recalls. "I was a freshman in college and had been involved with cars; I participated in gymkanas and road rallies, and attended various NHRA, SCCA, and Trans Am series races. The '70 1/2 T/A caught my eye and a lifetime love affair was ignited."

Photo Gallery: 1974 Pontiac Trans Am - 455-Powered Original Owner Second Gen T/A - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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