I am confused... My SLP Window sticker lists the basic alterations made to an SS then it has a list of added which with my VIN # lists Performance Exhaust, Chrome Wheels, Car Cover, Auburn Differential and Lubricant Package. Ok sounds simple well i go to look at my passenger door and its listing that it came with Performance Exhaust, Chrome Wheels, Auburn Differential, and Lubricant Package. So why is my car cover option missing on my door tag and listed on my SLP window sticker? Now to make matters even more confusing I go to SLP's new SS look-up, type my VIN # in and its showing every option checked off? Hopefully someone can help. Also the VIN # on my SLP door tag matches the exact VIN # on my SLP window sticker, factory window sticker, insurance, and the # on my dash. So i know its not a replacement door on another car. Any help is appreciated.