Throttle Brackets Galore
If we've learned one thing, it's that most of these throttlelinkage brackets could serve double-duty as a fine piece of jewelry. But don't let their simple form fool you, as they function on a much larger scale than one might expect. Beyond mashing the go-pedal, throttle brackets provide the foundation for a host of other accessories, including nitrous and fuel solenoids and transmission kickdown switches-they even offer mounting locations for a throttle-stop actuator in bracket-racing applications. Can you say all-in-one assemblies for a total user-friendly package?
That's right, gone are the days of rig ging up your own custom bracket by scavenging through your buddy's garage and your personal pile of scrap metal. Today, throttle brackets are readily available in a wide variety of designs, come with a high-quality finish for longevity, and can be had in a number of colors -at a price that won't have you penny pinching until your next paycheck.
The beauty of all the brackets listed here is that they serve a similar function, with most featuring a slide adjust to make certain the cable and the carb get plenty of pull in wide-open-throttle conditions. Additionally, they are simple to bolt on and don't require any sort of maintenance at all.
Whether you're in the market for a simple angle bracket or a complete return spring kit, it's listed here. We've included every tidbit of info, from part number to special features, so take a look and you're bound to find what you've been searching for.
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Starts at $17
Whether you run return springs or Lokar/Morse cables, these CNC-machined billet throttle-linkage brackets have you in complete control. Every linkage is made in the U.S. with dual stainless steel return springs that are adjustable, as are the cable ends, for precise operation with your carburetor. You also get a choice of anodized or polished kickdown brackets for GM and Lokar cables.
Part number15230 ApplicationHolley 4150/60 Dominator, Edelbrock/Barry
Grant square-flange Holley 4500/King Demon MaterialBillet aluminum FinishClear anodized Special FeaturesAdjustable, laser-etched logo Price$70
This billet aluminum bracket is multiadjustable to work with Holley 4150 and 4160 carburetors. It includes a dual return spring combination that's planted on a solid mount. Each comes with dual stainless steel return springs and stainless hardware. To work with a detent cable, order Holley PN 20-119 to perform with GM TH350, 700R4, and 200R4 transmissions.

Part number20-112 ApplicationHolley 4150/60 MaterialBillet aluminum