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These mustangs know their place!!!

This is a discussion on These mustangs know their place!!! within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Z28Camaro010 I didn't know this : Also a Z28 and SS are different, The Z is crap ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z28Camaro010 View Post
    I didn't know this :

    Also a Z28 and SS are different, The Z is crap and the SS is a poor mans Corvette, haha.
    I love it!

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    lol ? what? ive smoked tons of SS/s when ever we do from a dig,....rolls were neck n neck good drivers, stock for stock,
    i just bought a lid/ cut my pipe after the Y and i take SS's by a car ......then again i wouldnt say an "LS1 is an LS1 because ive smoked 98s by 3 cars or more, sooooo SSs r THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LT1s r garbage lmao unless u put a lil bit of spray,.......but damn this forum is funny

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    how about someone on a mustang forum this

    the ls1 is the god of engines they are unstoppable from stock and modded they beat the speed of light .....

    they really do know thier places

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    like I said before....Mustangs....embarrasing...Fords only sports car really...It is just embarrasing that a pony car like the Camaro can keep up/beat a Mustang...especially when Chevrolet still has the Corvette up it's sleeve...Mustang GT, Mach 1, SVT....(rolls eyes).....and don't count Roush or Shelby...aftermarket tuners...because if you wanted to count those Mustangs as "good" ones (which I have no arguement they are good) I can say Callaway/Lingenfelter......

    P.S. no one cares about the Ford GT because no one can afford it.....worthless...

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    HAHAHAHA.. i love this thread, i read it over and over. my favorite part "dont race from a roll, they'll rape you.

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