Stainless Steel Brake Lines Upgrades On Our Chevy El Camino - Hard Lines - CHP Step By Step

Check out our Chevy El Camino brake line upgrade to a stainless kit from Inline Tube!It's typical for these aging cars to have components that are either barely functioning or practically turning to dust. Case in point, the factory brake lines found on our project El Camino were in no condition to use. While a portion of the rear brake lines were present, the lines to the front were completely missing. Additionally, the lines that were left behind had been rusted through and the end-fittings were completely unusable.inline_mediumwraptextright26515180/tech/chassis/brakes/0912chp_stainless_steel_brake_lines_upgrade0912chp _01_z+stainless_steel_brake_lines_upgrade_chevy_el _camino+performance_brake_kit.jpgTrue

Photo Gallery: Stainless Steel Brake Lines Upgrade - Hard Lines - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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