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New Camaro Disappoints Critics

This is a discussion on New Camaro Disappoints Critics within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by ss~zoso~ss the ss better have the 427 LS7, i'll drive a caravan with that engine in it ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss~zoso~ss
    the ss better have the 427 LS7, i'll drive a caravan with that engine in it
    LS2 I think man... 427's are in the Lingenf. Vette tho, so you can always grab one of those...

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    [QUOTE=SSPORT: However, a number of us on this board have problems with the looks of the concept. Maybe it's just older guys like me, and perhaps the concept car is aimed more at the 20 to mid-30 year-old market, like you. Personally, I think GM is very capable of good styling, like the great job they did with the 4th Gen Camaro: beautiful lines, a blending of multiple compound curves almost equivalent to the series I Jaguar XJ6 in "rightness" of the design; agressive, yet sensuous. Also, witness how well GM evolved the design of the C5 to the good-looking C6 and new Z06...[/QUOTE]

    I copied this part of SSPORT's post for one reason. The part about maybe it's just older guys-------------the concept is aimed more at 20 to mid 30 year old market. SSPORT, I am 30 times 2 plus 15 (a bit older than you) and I like the new concept Camaro. It has a touch of past Camaros as well as the look of the present day and has the base on which to build the future Camaro. I think that it is a great concept that has a good probably of bringing our CAMARO back and putting the Camaro back on the top of the hill as KING OF THE HILL where it should be. PLease, stop trying to put the concept Camaros down and let the CAMARO come back and live again!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEB
    SSPORT, I am 30 times 2 plus 15 (a bit older than you) and I like the new concept Camaro.

    you couldn't just say you are 75 years old? Haha, them old people these days. Always acting like hoodlums and hip-hoppers.
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    first of all the colored picture that was floating around wasnt even gms drawing so high school student drew it, all chevy magazines new this, do some research, and the new camaro is badass if you dont like it dont get it, simple as that, i dont like the new mustangs and i didnt get one, and it dosnt look like a mustang the only similaritys is the retro style thats it, oh and this looks better then the new corvette (not as powerful but better looking)

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    Hard to believe

    Quote Originally Posted by themack56
    f looks better then the new corvette
    Only if you like Escalades and Chrysler 300's and other cruiser vehicles.
    Maybe GM should offer spinners for it as well. all the pimps would love it

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    I ahve owned 3 camaros. I currently own a 22K 97 SS. I think the new camaro looks fine. There are things that I would improve but there have been those things since the 1967 first came out. The car has great potential. I hope they make a car with build quality that matches the times. The price had gotten to a place that the build quality couldn't match. I think that i why the sales disappeared. If they build a good car they will sell a lot of them.
    I loved my two 68's and I thinnk my 97 is a very good car. But I would buy a new concept if they will build a good car. These cars ahve to compete with G35 Infinitis and 350Z nissans too now. Just making the car fast doesn't make it a well built car. GM is just starting to figure that out.


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    do they plan on releasing a convertible lineup as well

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