Meguiars Wax - Clay Time - CHP Step By Step
The term "wash and wax" takes on a whole new meaning these days. Paint care seems so much morecomplex, and the methods to buff out the paint can seem extremely challenging and downright scary at times. Admittedly, most consumers are wary of the high-priced bubble washes, brightly-bottled waxes, or burning right through their paint with an orbital polisher. We were in the same boat, but we spent a day at Meguiar's and learned the basic dos and don'ts. Even if you've been neglecting your ride's paint, after this experience, your favorite musclecar will surely forgive you.
Traditionally, it was only about a simple wash, polishing (if needed), and applying wax. However, as technology has advanced in the car-care market, so should our understanding of why claying is important. Meguiar's dubs the technique the "missing link" between washing and waxing. Washing your ride can only do so much, limited to removing loose contaminants such as dust and dirt. Your paint may still show signs of grime, tar, oil, sap, bugs, overspray, or even hard water stains. These are known as bonded contaminants, and they're next to impossible to remove-especially over time. The clay-bar step enables you to safely lift bonded contaminants from your paint and trap them in the clay.
Meguiar's Mike Pennigton made it easy, explaining that without claying, wax has a difficult time sticking to the shiny stuff, much like the way fresh paint has a hard time adhering to an unprepped metal surface. Besides, without the clay-bar step, you may be massaging bonded contaminants back into your beautiful paint when you wax it, micro-scratching your paint over time.
According to Pennington, paint care utilizes five main steps: washing, cleaning, polishing, protecting, and maintaining. The key is evaluation, and following this simple routine will ensure that your ride will look paintbooth fresh and butter smooth.

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