I've been out of the f-body game for too long and I finally pulled the trigger on a clean 98 Z28.

Excited to get back in it and start modding.

I took a hiatus and went over the German cars for a while (2011 Audi S5) while this car is a blast on the track and has a nice V8, it is just too damn expensive to mod as well as being limited in the power modifications. Not much in the way of power for these cars except forced induction.

The Z I bought didn't have much history, about 100k on the clock, looks like it has headers, the owner didn't know much as it was his son-in-laws car. It is very powerful, a lot more oomph to it than my 00 ws6 had so I'm curious to get in and see whats up with it.

Got it for 6300--honestly it needs tires, probably going with a set of C5 replicas, I believe OE wheels is having a sale of some sort. Couldn't find a ding or scratch on the f*cker, doors don't sag, gaps are all straight. Very impressed with the condition.