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    I think i broke it big!
    I own a 99 z28 with lots of little bolt ons ya know.. nuthin major... i overreved my car cruisin the other nite and it started missin REAL bad.. usually a smooth as silk motor(like most ls1's0 but i looked like it was gonna shake itself out of the car... so i took it home and shut it down.. the next day i pulled the spark plugs and found that #7 was runnin really rich. so i replaced all my plugs ran it 4 like 2 miles and fouled another #7 plug.. so i replaceed the coil and wire and it didnt help at all..losin BIG power... tonite i started by runnin the codes and got a random misfire code.. i checked my power to each cylinder and found that not only was #7 not firing but neither was #5...... I figured pushrods next.. but before i did that i decided to do a compression check...thats were things got SCARY!.... in cylinder #5 i have 18 pounds... in #3...yes i said #3, 12 pounds of compression... #1 checked out well with like 150 pounds... i pulled the valve covers and the pushrods were STRAIGHT!!! straight as arrows... im wonderin how a reletively small overrev could completely torch my motor... could i have broke valves... or rings?... and everything is comin from that driver side bank... I dont think its a head gasget because its not smokin... IDK... im just so frustrated...ANY help would be greatly appriciated.. and any queastions or ideas dont be afraid to shoot them my way... Thank you very much

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    Bent valves. Time for a leakdown test to confirm.

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