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Early-Nova rack-and-pinion Cradle System
It's a given that improved steering response and better handling are good things in any vintage vehicle, and Flaming River Industries now offers both for '62-67 Novas with its rack-and-pinion steering conversion system. This new setup uses a precision jig-welded rack cradle, which bolts directly to the stock frame mounting holes-no modifications required. The rack cradle positions a quick-ratio (311/42 turns lock-to-lock) manual rack-and-pinion that maintains correct steering geometry, minimizes bumpsteer, and allows full turning radius. The system includes the steering column (in paintable, mill-finish stainless steel, or polished stainless) along with all necessary hardware and wiring. This manual rack system is for cars with small-block engines with stock-type oil pans, running manual or automatic transmissions. Use of rear dump-style headers, which Flaming River is now making, is recommended. More interested in F-bodies? Manual and power-assist systems for '67-69 Camaros are also available.

Price: $1,190
Flaming River Industries
Berea, OH
866.798.8057 ·
As an added benefit, the rack cradle strengthens the factory frame. -Steve Cole
First-class seating
MicroSuede LG1 seats
We all like a little luxury and comfort in a musclecar. Corbeau USA agrees, as evidenced by its new LG1 seat, now available covered in MicroSuede. Standard features on the LG1, which weighs in at 30 pounds, include high-density, injection-molded foam, ergonomic design, and integrated shoulder, kidney, and thigh support. The LG1 seat, which comes harness-belt ready, is fitted with leatherette high-wear patches and a fully adjustable seat back with a fingertip-controlled lever. The LG1 seat is also available in leather, in a wide version, and with inflatable lumbar support.

Price: $349 & up
Corbeau USA
luffdale, UT
801.255.3737 ·
Pump It Up
The reciprocating-piston Race Pump breaks with traditional fuel-pump design and delivers the goods: 204 gph at an unregulated pressure of 60 psi, anywhere between idle and 10,000 rpm. The valveless, variable-displacement design means the Race Pump only provides as much fuel volume as is needed, while an anti-drainback design maintains line pressure even with the engine off. The Race Pump requires only 25 percent of the usual pushrod force, weighs a third as much as most diaphragm-style pumps, and is considerably smaller. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hardcoated for long-term durability, the Race Pump features stainless steel internals and proprietary seals designed for both gasoline and methanol applications.

Price: $260 & UP
Thomasville, NC
800.476.7141 ·
Tighten Your Belt
Adjustable Belt Tensioner for LS Engines
Katech Performance is known for its track-ready performance products, and brings lessons learned on the track to the street with its adjustable belt tensioner for Gen III and IV small-blocks. This tensioner was developed for ASA racers, who were experiencing belts jumping off during downshifts, a problem also detected on street cars, especially high-mileage examples. The lightweight tensioner is machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and features a higher pulley sidewall, providing more secure belt placement (a factory belt is used). Katech Performance's adjustable belt tensioner features a black anodized finish, with red or blue available at extra cost.Price: $135
Katech Performance
linton Township, MI
866-KATECH1 ·
Trained Seals
Seals-It Firewall Grommet Sealing System
A clean firewall is a sure sign of attention to detail, and Earl's Performance Products has added a way to sanitize those pass-throughs. These unique firewall seals stretch to allow a fitting to pass through, yet also grip the hose, keeping out fumes and debris. Seals-It firewall grommets are made from a fire-retardant, space-age rubber bonded to an anodized aluminum bezel, which is installed with pop rivets or sheetmetal screws. The outer aluminum outer bezel for all seven grommets is dimensionally the same; the difference is in the opening on the rubber seal, allowing Seals-It firewall grommets to work directly with all styles of Earl's hose and fittings.

Price: $25
Earl's Performance Products
ancho Dominguez, CA
310.609.1602 ·
Cold Play
Nitro Blast Extreme-Performance Brake Rotors
Using a bit of cold therapy in a spot that's usually hot, Power Stop's Nitro Blast slotted brake rotors are cryogenically processed at -300 degrees F and then heated, a process that actually improves the properties of the disc material. The rotors are then stress-relieved to prevent cracking and warping. This results in a stable rotor with a larger, smoother contact area that is highly resistant to abrasion. According to Power Stop, Nitro Blast cryogenically treated, slotted brake rotors will last twice as long as conventional rotors.

Price: $300 & up / pair
Power Stop
Bedford Park, IL
888.863.4415 ·
Alternative Juice
Nitrous Express E85-Compatible Nitrous Systems
Proving that even skyrocketing gas prices can't keep a serious gearhead down, Nitrous Express has introduced the first of many E85-compatible nitrous systems. The new kits are very similar to existing setups, but have a recalibrated fuel-delivery side and upgraded solenoids to handle the ethanol that makes up most of E85. According to NX, E85's extremely high octane rating and relatively low price gives street guys a fuel they can run in a high-compression, nitrous-boosted engine without fear of detonation. A multitude of setups are available, delivering shots ranging from 35 all the way up to 1,000 hp.

Price: $693
Nitrous Express
Wichita Falls, TX
888.GO.FAST.1 ·

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