Bolt-On Performance Parts Guide - Make Gains

A list of bolt-on parts that deliver performance.These days it has become easier than ever to generate good reliable horsepower. And if you're looking to crest the 500hp marker, then there really isn't a need to tear an engine down to the bare bones. That is, unless you are searching for something far grander and are prepared to lay down some hefty cash. First, what's a bolt-on? It's subjective. While many will argue that anything can be considered a bolt-on, we say the true defining feature of a bolt-on is it lets you get in and get out. This minimizes downtime and gets you out on the road and track faster with the added benefits of positive results. Moreover, when you take into account the bang-for-the-buck factor and the install-in-no-time attitude, it makes sense to consider a simple bolt-on.

Photo Gallery: Bolt-On Performance Parts Guide - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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