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A BUNCH of stuff for sale, 1oz gold coin, games, remote control truck, etc

This is a discussion on A BUNCH of stuff for sale, 1oz gold coin, games, remote control truck, etc within the General Classifieds forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; I have quite a few things im looking to get rid of, and get rid of real quick. Here it ...

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    A BUNCH of stuff for sale, 1oz gold coin, games, amps, remote control truck, etc

    I have quite a few things im looking to get rid of, and get rid of real quick. Here it all is, starting with the most expensive first:

    1924-P Saint Gaudens double eagle $20 1oz gold coin. This coin is still in the plastic protector it came in, with a case. Coin looks incredible to where you can see lady libertys toes still. Bought this for $800 about a year ago. Ill let it go for $650, with $10 shipping. $660 total. I MIGHT be a LITTLE negotiable on this. Can get pics if needed.

    USA-1 Nitro Crusher-Used, runs, but needs to have the carb adjusted. Comes with Futaba junior piston, painted body which some paint is coming off from normal use. Has headlights that USE to work, now a few of the wires are torn and need to be fixed. One light does still work. I can get pics if needed. $250 shipped. Negotiable.

    I have 2 Alpine PDX 1000 watt amps coming that should be here anytime. These are the new alpine amps that are on backorder right now, and only a few can be found on ebay. These are suppose to be the badboys of this year when it comes to amps. 1000 watts continous into any ohm. Ill let each go for $625 shipped. These retail for $850. Wont find them cheaper on ebay or anywhere else. Like I said, if someone is interested, let me know asap. If I put these on ebay, they are going to be gone fast.

    N64 that still looks new. Has the upgraded card in it, with all cables. I have a couple controllers to go with it. $20, $10 shipping. $30 total.

    N64 games:$5 each with $2.50 shipping. $7.50 total each.
    Mario Golf
    Mission Impossible
    PilotWings 64
    Waialae Country Club-True Golf Classics
    Super Mario 64
    Mario Cart 64
    Perfect Dark(Bought from Blockbuster, but works perfectly)
    007 Goldeneye
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3(NIB-Never opened)
    Automobili Lamborghini

    Sega Genesis-a little dusty, but worked last time I used it a couple years ago. $15, with $5 shipping. $20 total. I have some games, but I will have to find them.

    Super Nintendo-Havent used this in YEARS, but I remember I never had a problem with it. $15, with $5 shipping. $20 total, comes with 2 controllers.

    Games for Super Nintendo: $5 each, with $2.50 shipping. $7.50 total each. I beleive I have some more games for it, but I'll have to find these also. Ill list them when I do.
    Donkey Kong
    Contra III

    I also have an original playstation that is in perfect condition with quite a few games. Let me know if you're interested in this, and ill post up games and other related info for this.

    Next is a nintendo GameCube that I open on christmas day 2 years ago, played with for an hour(1 hour) and put back in box. Has never been out since. Ill throw in a BRAND NEW controller, still in packaging for $75 shipped. The GC and controller are both the purple color.

    GameCube games:All $10, with $2.50 shipping. $12.50 total each.
    Backyard Baseball(New in Packaging)
    All Star Baseball 2002
    Batman Vengeance(New in Packaging)
    Enter the Matrix(New in Packaging)
    Namcomuseum(New in Packaging-has a bunch of arcade games with a bunch of games to unlock)
    Need for Speed-Hor Pursuit 2(New in Packaging)
    SX Superstar(New in Packaging)
    Blowout(New in Packaging)
    Power Rangers DinoThunder(New in Packaging)
    The Sims(New in Packaging)

    Playstation 2 Games:$10 each, with $2.50 shipping. $12.50 total each.
    ATV Offroad Fury(New in Packaging)
    Eighteen Wheeler-American Pro Trucker(New in Packaging)
    High Heat-Major League Baseball 2002(New in Packaging)
    All Star Baseball 2002(New in Packaging)
    WDL Wordl Destruction League-Thunder Tanks(New in Packaging)

    Xbox Games:$10 each, with $2.50 shipping. $12.50 total each.
    Madden 2002(New in Packaging)
    Triple Play 2002(New in Packaging)
    Midway Arcade Treasures 2(New in Packaging)
    Motorcross Mania 3(New in Packaging)
    Starsky and hutch(New in Packaging)
    Chase-Hollywood Stunt Driver(New in Packaging)
    Superman-The man of steel(New in Packaging)
    Desert Storm-Conflict(New in Packaging)
    Counter Strike-Platinum hits online enabled(New in Packaging)
    Outlaw Golf 2(New in Packaging)
    SpiderMan(New in Packaging)

    Mac software:$5 each, with $2.50 shipping. $7.50 total each.
    Real Pool
    Links Pro CD
    Norton Antivirus
    Mac OS 8.5
    Links LS Championship Course
    Absolute Solitaire

    DVD's: $7.50 each, with $2.50 shipping. $10 total each.
    Anchorman(New in Packaging)
    I have more, but i'll list them later.

    Camaro Z28 Pewter hood. Good condition, pickup only, unless you want to pay freight. Has a TINY, TINY dent in the front middle from closing it. It CAN be pulled out. Has tiny scuffs on it that CAN and probably will come out very easily with a buffer. $100 takes it. The paint is perfect on it.

    UMAX Astra 610S scanner. I have only used this for a few months, but that was YEARS ago. It worked fine, I just never had much use for it, so it sat. In near perfect condition with no scratches at all from what I see. Comes with all cables. $15, with $7.50 shipping. I REALLY dont want this anymore.

    Lexmark X73 Scanner/copier/printer-This has also sat around for a couple years, only being used maybe 3 times. I have all the software, and booklets for it. It may need the ink cartridge changed though. This is one other thing I really need out of the way. $15, with $15 shipping. Its not real small. $30 total.

    I can get pics of everything if really interested. I will make a bulk deal if you want a chunk of games or something of that nature. Let me know, i just want all of this gone. If anything is overpriced, let me know ONLY if you are interested and we'll work something out. I have more to list still, so this isnt all of it.
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    what game store do or did you work at?

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    hahah, never have or do work at a game store. These are just ones that Ive had for quite some time now, and never played with. A few are BA games. If you want some let me know. Those prices arent set in stone, as i dont need or want them. Ill even do a bulk buy discount.

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