97-02 Corvette Performance Aluminum Intake Manifold. Based off the LS6 manifold this aluminum manifold makes more power on the LS1/LS6 by increasing air flow and giving the engine builder the ability to port match to the cylinder heads increasing the flow through the entire engine, not just through the manifold. This manifold designed by Lingenfelter with a removable bottom plate to give access to internal passages. This design feature makes porting and installing a direct port nitrous system a breeze. The aluminum manifold is a street rod builders dream with the ability to be polished to a show finish. Paid $599 will take $500 shipped.

97-04 Hi-Flo Modified TB. Flows 1040 CFM vice 940 for stock. This is a modifed GM unit which will give up to a 6 HP increase. Purchased from Eckler's. List for $450 will take $300 shipped.