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Straight OEM LF Fender for 1967 1968 Camaro $80

This is a discussion on Straight OEM LF Fender for 1967 1968 Camaro $80 within the Parts For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; It is a driver's side OEM fender, not a reproduction. It is not NOS - if it was, it would ...

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    Straight OEM LF Fender for 1967 1968 Camaro $80

    It is a driver's side OEM fender, not a reproduction. It is not NOS - if it was, it would not be $80! But it is a straight, used fender. It is completely rust-free except for a hole in the extreme lower right corner, typical for these cars. It was caused by rain etc. because it is a Colorado fender and they do not rust here otherwise. The hole is about the size of a silver dollar and would be extremely easy to repair with a panel or even a little metal if you knwo what you are doing - then you can have an original GM fender on your car instead of a repop. It just feels so much better to have OEM on your car than a repop! The fender is as straight as can be otherwise, with no surface rust. Actually, it had several bare metal parts on it that were shiny silver with no surface rust at all. Apparently somoene was working on the fender and preparing for paint before I got it, so I gave the fender a quickie black spraycan paint job to protect it.

    I have never shipped a fender before and have no idea what that would cost. It might be better for someone relatively close to pick it up. I am in Loveland, Colorado. I'll be happy to ship it if you pay for the shipping, but I do not know exactly what the best and most economical method is. Also, I would not mind bringing it to you for free, as long as I was heading in your direction. I travel a lot for my eBay business, but I have been travelling a lot less since gas got so expensive.

    There is a car show / swap meet coming up in my area this weekend. I planned to sit in the parking lot for a little while with the fender and a price sign on it. Somebody will probably buy it then, but if anyone here wants it then just pay for it, I'll give you my PayPal address, and it's yours. I can keep it in my storage unit until you come to get it or we figure out shipping terms. I am not a current Chevy owner, which is why I have no posts here. But if you go on eBay, my ID is Roodillon and I have been there for eight years with 99.7 percent positive feedback If you pay, you WILL receive your fender.

    I can end you a picture of the fender if you like, just message me. Or you can send email to Ringo (at) vomitmop dot com E-mail would actually be better as I check it more often and can easily respond with a picture.


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    Hey Chevy fans - I wanted to let you know that the $80 price is negotiable. I had to put a price here although I was not sure what the fender is worth. I looked some fenders up on eBay and priced some repops and that's where I came up with $80 figure. But I should have put an "OBO" on the end of it because I will take offers. I priced it a lot less than a repop fender, I know that this one has a minor rust hole but it is very, very straight otherwise and I personally would rather fix that very small part and have a nice OEM fender on my car than to have a have a whole repop fender. I don't know about you, but that one repop panel on my car would always bug me. They can only be original once! The hole is a VERY easy fix for a person who is even moderately experienced with body repair and would not require any body filler or glass etc. I thought about fixing it myself and then it would be worth more, but I do not have the proper equipment to do the job. If I can talk my friend into it I will have her (yeah, her) weld the proper patch on there, and then I can eBay it for perhaps $300. The thing is that she has a lot of family in New Orleans and has been upset a lot lately, so I do not want to bother her. And I probably overstated the hole but I do not want to mislead anybody. Without the hole this would be at least a $250-300 fender. It's that nice.

    You might wonder why I don't just keep it - but I do not own a 67-68 Camaro and do not plan to own one. I like them a lot but I am pursuing other, lesser known cars.

    I would also be willing to trade for ??? but I do not need anything much as far as parts. However, I do need an alarm system installed in my truck (I have the alarm system, just need it installed). It's for a 1990 Ford Bronco (yeah, I know, I'm in a Chevy room...go easy on me OK) and it's one of those generic alarms with the LCD and keyless entry/remote start. But it's a straightforward install and I have a full factory wiring manual, the alarm's manual, as well as all of the color codes etc. that are specific to the alarm from I -sorta- know how to do it but would rather let a pro at it.

    I would be willing to give the fender plus $50 to anyone in my area, or located somewhere I can drive to within 100 miles or so, to install the alarm and a navigation system (that one is very easy, it's just hot constant, hot switched, ground, reverse light, and speed sensor - five taps is all, I can do that myself but it would be better to do it while it's apart for the alarm).

    Now that you have read my whole life story here - e-mail if interested to
    ringo (at) vomitmop dot com

    PS - You guys do not know me, so here is a link to my eBay sales so you can see my feedback. I am not some ripoff artist. I just want to sell this fender, it's taking up precious space in my garage.

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    Hey Chevy Guys - I Listed The Fender On Ebay With Photos And Cut The Price In Half. I Just Need It Out Of My Garage! If You Click On The Link In The Post Above You Can See All Of My Auctions And The Fender Is There. Thanks For Looking!

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