Ok so I just bought a Sts turbo and I will no longer need my SLP cold air induction package. Brand new ones retail at $286 or so, and brand new VR stacks retail at $53. That is $339 with out shipping.

Now I'm selling my used Slp intake package and VR velocity stack for $270. I'll pay shipping. The parts have about 800 miles on them.
Intake is said to give up to +25 hourse power but with the stack and intake working together you'll prabably get up to +35 hourse power.
You will save at least $70 bucks buying from me than if you went to a parts dealer. Try to find a better deal ,and remember that I cover shipping.

First come. first surve.
Don't try to drag me down on the price. This is a good deal.
Here are some pics I found on the ne t in case you don't know what they are.